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Voice Recognition
2501 Marshall Drive, Paducah, KY 42003 Phone: 270-538-4110

Your Teachers

Preschool Teachers
Emily Barks - Email Me 
Madison Farthing - Email Me

Kindergarten Teachers
Ashley Childs - Email Me 
Sara Crowder - Email Me 
Brittany Chalke - Email Me 
Jennie Traynham - Email Me 
Haley Brookshire - Email Me

First Grade Teachers 
Natalie Crane - Email Me 
Joy Beth McGough - Email Me 
Sarah Wurth - Email Me 
Savannah Wooten - Email Me 
Lauren Riley - Email Me 

Second Grade Teachers
Bailey Wolfe - Email Me 
Pam Hammons - Email Me 
Karen Wilson - Email Me 
Maria Hines - Email Me 
Vanessa Durfee - Email Me 

Third Grade Teachers
Michelle O'Neill - Email Me 
Morgan Hobbs - Email Me 
Katrina Masek - Email Me 
Molly Clayton - Email Me 
Patti Farmer - Email Me
Special Education, Speech, and RTI
Jessica Aldridge - Email Me 
Kim Nantz - Email Me 
Natalie Carter - Email Me 
Lauren Michaels - Email Me
Kaitlynn Reichert - Email Me 
Liberty Moore - Email Me 
Teresa Wheat - Email Me
Kitty Farmery - Email Me 

Special Area Teachers
Megan VerCautren - Email Me
Lenise Teel - Email Me
Emily Griffith - Email Me
Laurie Moore - Email Me
Debra Talbert - Email Me