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Bus Information

We are glad to share an important part of our new transportation software called Infofinder. This tool will allow you to look up your student’s bus number and pickup/drop-off times. Enter your house # and street name for the location where you have requested for your child to be picked up or dropped off and click Search. We recommend that you do not include the zip code for best results. The red plus sign on the map is where your student’s bus stop will be. If you have previously requested an alternative pickup or drop-off address such as a daycare or babysitter, grandparent, etc. enter that address for the search. For the first several days of school, we ask that your child be at the bus stop 20 minutes prior to arrival time. 

We are currently processing new transportation requests from back-to-school nights and some bus assignments and pickup/drop-off times could change prior to Monday. Please check Infofinder on Sunday for final bus number and times. 

If Infofinder doesn't find a bus stop at your address, or if your student’s pickup or drop-off location has changed, please complete this form to provide us the up-to-date information about your student. If you have already completed the transportation form and your student's address can't be found in Infofinder, please confirm that your student's address as listed in Parent Portal is correct and update it if necessary.



Student Bus Information Form: