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Board of Education Highlights- June 2020


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Board members accept $870,000 in grant funding from KDE to provide 21st Century before/after school programming in the 2020-21 school year

This spring the Kentucky Department of Education awarded McCracken County Public Schools a combined $1.96 million in continued grant funding for their 21st Century before and after school programs. Board members officially accepted this coming school year’s disbursement of these grant funds by signing a contract with KDE. This includes:

=      $150,000 for RES, in its 3rd year

=      $125,000 for LOMS, in its 4th year

=      $100,000 for HMS, in its 5th year

=      $100,000 each for HLOES, MCHS, RIS & HES, all in their 6th year

=      $95,000 for RMS, in its 10th year

21st Century provides academic, artistic and cultural enrichment for kids, targeting those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to such programs, or who are struggling in school. It’s entirely free for families, and includes before and after school tutoring, engaging clubs and activities, and an extra meal every day programming is in session.

Since Reidland Middle received its first 21st Century grant and began offering programming in 2011, McCracken’s 21stCentury sites have been working hard to extend school day learning and give as many students as possible extra academic, social, and emotional support. This year alone, the district’s programs provided that support for nearly 2,000 students.

Board members approve Professional Negotiations Salary Agreement 

Thursday night board members approved Professional Negotiations with the McCracken County Education Association (MCEA), including a raise and extra, one-time payment during the holiday season. 

As approved by the board, the salary schedule for 2020-21 will include a 0.5% raise for certified and classified staff, in addition to a 0.5% one-time payment with a minimum of $200 in November 2020, plus a provision for payment when teachers are required to cover a class during a planning period.