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MCHS & HMS Future Problem Solving International Finalists
Top (Left-Right): Bailey Bowland, Noah Ellis, Olivia Dodge, Hannah Hatton
Bottom (Left-Right): Jillian Roach, Lily Grimes, Ivy Wenzel, Haydyn Pope
The Future Problem Solving teams at McCracken County High School and Heath Middle School participated in an online virtual competition with the top teams from around the world in the Future Problem Solving International Finals.

On Friday, June 5, 2020, the teams collaborated through online platforms to complete their team booklet virtually. The teams were given the task of solving issues with the International Finals topic of Terraforming which is the process of altering the ecosystems of the Earth, Moon, or other planets to make it habitable. During the competition, they analyzed how specific issues could affect society's future in a variety of aspects such as government, education, health, technology and economics. They had to use their knowledge from research and their skills in writing, communication, and creativity to write their booklet. Awards were announced on Tuesday, June 9th.

Noah Ellis, a 2020 graduate of McCracken County High School, led his team in Global Issues Problem Solving with Bailey Bowland, Olivia Dodge and Hannah Hatton, who will be seniors at MCHS this fall. They placed 8th in their competition against 64 teams from around the world. 

Lily Grimes, Haydyn Pope, Jillian Roach, and Ivy Wenzel from Heath Middle School competed in the Middle Grades Division. They placed 9th against 70 teams from around the world.