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McCracken Now A One-To-One District Grades 6-12

McCracken now a one-to-one district grades 6-12
District middle schools will join high school in providing a laptop computer for every student

Starting with the 2020-21 school year, all students grades 6-8 will receive Google Chromebooks to create a “one-to-one” digital learning environment. Every student will have his or her own Chromebook to use throughout the school day, and to take home and participate in a variety of digital and online learning opportunities.

As a result of the one student, one computer program, the district believes students will:
• Use the internet and approved online digital platforms to communicate with their instructors and classmates to enrich learning
• Access a large pool of learning resources
• Receive timely feedback from their instructors
• Have access to distance learning when needed
• Have access to adaptive learning
• Understand and practice legal and ethical behavior while using technology

“We are excited to provide families with this tool,” said MCPS Superintendent Steven Carter. “We hope that as we approach a year in which technology will be utilized more than ever, this allows students to be even more involved and excited about learning.”

MCPS teachers will rely heavily on Google Suite for Education applications and the district’s new instructional platform, Edgenuity (grades 6-12), to create rich educational experiences for students in the classroom and from home.

Additionally, McCracken County High School students will receive new Chromebooks and each elementary school will receive 300 Chromebooks to provide students access to online instruction.

To help cover the repair and maintenance of the devices, families will pay a minimal $30 fee for their children to take a Chromebook home. Any family that needs assistance with the fee should speak with their school administration.