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McCracken County Public Schools News Article

McCracken Virtual Academy Information

McCracken Virtual Academy Application  


The McCracken County School District is offering K-12 online learning for students. The McCracken Virtual Academy (MVA) is a completely online learning program offered through McCracken County Schools. Students will take all of their courses online through MVA while still being enrolled as a student in their home school in the McCracken County School District. The option will not be a hybrid learning model like we’ve seen before with educators teaching students online and in-person at the same time; instead, students enrolled will fully learn from home using the Edgenuity virtual learning platform with facilitators dedicated to virtual teaching only.


The virtual academy will operate in the traditional school calendar’s instructional days from 8:15 am to 3:45 pm for grades K-5, and from 7:15 am to 2:45 pm for grades 6-12. 


Students are expected to participate in each class every school day and to be available during regular school hours for interaction and participation with facilitators and fellow students. Parents are expected to monitor student progress and contact the facilitator to address any concerns. Students who are enrolled in the virtual academy will be subject to the same allowable absences and truancy requirements as found in the Student Code of Conduct for in-person students. 


This online learning program is rigorous and the content aligns with McCracken County Schools curriculum. Thus, students should expect to invest a significant time commitment to their school work daily for the entire duration of the semester. Regular online learners will tell you that keeping a daily routine and participating daily in your online courses - just as if you were going into a school building daily - optimizes learning and often translates into greater success in the course.

Parent/Guardian involvement is key for student success in online programs. While secondary students may have had experiences with online learning, full time online programs take as much dedication and effort and more self-motivation and self-discipline than what might be needed if attending school in person. Elementary students will be experiencing an entirely new method of learning and will need adult monitoring and supervision. 


Students requesting to enroll in the virtual academy are required to complete an application.  Enrollment will be for a semester at a time. Transfers of enrollment between the McCracken Virtual Academy and in-person instruction at the home school can be made at the change in semester.  


A student’s enrollment in the McCracken Virtual Academy will include an evaluation of the student’s academic performance and participation/attendance records from the prior school year.  If the prior year records indicate the student may not be as successful in a virtual setting as they would be in-person, the parent/guardian may be required to have a medical provider substantiate the medical necessity. Late enrollees must have a doctor’s note. 

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more details. 

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