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McCracken County Public Schools News Article

Lone Oak Elementary Celebrates Black History Month In Music Class

Draw Me a Bucket of Water is a children’s singing game commonly seen being played by African American children on the school playground. It is a combination of Draw Me a Bucket of Water, where students in groups of four weave scarves around to create a bucket, and "Frog in the Middle", where the children are now frogs and they have to get out of the bucket by unweaving the scarves back to their original position. This is part of celebrating Black History Month at Lone Oak Elementary. It is a fun activity for the students to get up and move while learning a new song and activity that has different tempos and time signatures while keeping a steady beat.

Taught by Mr. Grayson Martin 

Murray State University

Student Teacher

Jones, B., & Hawes, B. L. (1972). Step it down: Games, plays, and stories from the Afro-American heritage. New York.

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