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McCracken County Public Schools News Article

Winter Weather Information

With the approach of winter weather, there are questions about what to expect regarding school operations in the event of inclement weather. Here’s what you need to know.
Expect to attend school on time (Group A Tuesday & Thursday, Group B Wednesday & Friday). If you have not heard any information, then proceed with the understanding that school is following the set schedule at a normal starting time.
If there is a decision to alter the school schedule—by either offering a delay to the start of the school day or moving to virtual learning—an announcement will be posted on several MCPS communications channels and the local media will be notified. As soon as a decision is made, announcements will also be posted on the front page of the MCPS Website, Twitter at @MCPSchools and on the official MCPS Facebook page. Families will also receive a call/email notifying them of the decision. 
For spring 2021-Please have your students prepared to work from home if inclement weather keeps us from in-person learning. 
Weather can be predicted hours or days ahead of time, and the forecast is one factor that is weighed by district personnel. The decision to move to virtual learning will be based on what conditions exist at that time in neighborhoods and main thoroughfares, and student safety is always the most important factor.

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