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McCracken County Public Schools News Article

McCracken County and Paducah Public Schools Announce Return to Required Masking

McCracken County and Paducah Public Schools Announce Return to Required Masking 

Paducah Public Schools and McCracken County Schools will return to universal masking on Monday, December 6 due to an increase in the spread of COVID-19. 
To be vigilant in preventing the spread of COVID-19, a committee that includes the Purchase Area Health Department and local physicians meet each Friday with the superintendents of McCracken County and Paducah Independent School Systems to review the local data on the Kentucky COVID-19 current incidence rate map.   
If there are two or more days “in the red” (an incidence rate equal to or greater than 25 per 100,000) for a current week, the local health officials committee review the potential need to return to universal masking.  Any adjustments to universal masking are announced by the school systems on Friday afternoons for the following week. 
Current incidence rates for McCracken County have been equal to or greater than 25 for four consecutive days:   
Monday:                      11/29 (27.7)                                                 
Tuesday:                     11/30 (26.6)                                             
Wednesday:                12/1 (29.3) 
Thursday:                    12/2 (30.4) 

Based on these incidence rates, the following adjustments will be made to universal masking for McCracken County Schools and Paducah Public Schools: 
·      Masks will be required for faculty, staff, students, and visitors upon entering any school building. This includes activities after school hours.  
·      Masks will continue to be required while riding the bus, in compliance with the federal mandate. 
·      Masks will continue to be required for students participating in the Test to Stay program. 
These changes will take effect Monday, December 6. 
“We continue to see an increase in positive cases in our community and the highest positivity rate in our community since late September,” said Superintendent Steve Carter.  “As a result, we are transitioning back to universal masking within our buildings for all students, staff, and visitors.
“This will allow us to limit the number of potential quarantines and positive cases as we approach the end of the first semester. We appreciate your support and patience as we work together to keep our students in school while providing a safe learning environment.”

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