AP information for parents and staff:

AP testing schedule is May 11-22.  Makeup testing is June 1-5. Please make note of testing times and look for Central time.  All of our exams begin at 11AM, 1PM or 3PM.  For students who have accommodations, those will be provided automatically through the online exam. To see a full schedule, click this link: 

E-tickets are sent two days prior to the exam and can be accessed by student email or through the student’s AP Classroom Account. Students need to login 30 minutes before the exam to complete personal and security info. 

AP released a practice demo on May 4.  Students are encouraged to watch the video and practice how they plan to submit their answers at this link:  www.cb.org/apdemo 

AP also asks that students print and complete the AP test day checklist for each exam they are taking. Checklist can be found at this link:  www.cb.org/apchecklist  

Students should try if at all possible to take exams in May.  If they have a scheduling conflict and do not use their May ticket, they will automatically be sent a June ticket.  E-tickets for May exams will be emailed and loaded into AP student accounts (www.myap.collegeboard.org).   Students can access tickets either way.  They need to login to the exam 30 minutes prior to start time to complete security and personal information.  

If students need to request a makeup exam due to sickness, significant interruptions from family members, battery failures, power outages, or technical disruptions students need to submit a Makeup Testing Request Form (only for May exams) at www.cb.org/requestmakeup.  Request must be made within 48 hours of the original exam.  Please note that simply running out of time to submit a response on exam day is not a valid reason for a makeup.  They will be informed the week of May 25.  Do not call AP services!!  Students need to keep their May E-ticket when requesting June makeups.

Ways to upload (these are explained in the demo video/practice):

Option 1 (computer): Copy and Paste from Docs, Word, Notes, etc.  Students can have two windows open.  Don't include images.  Save often.  Type AP ID and initials at the top of response.  Last 5 minutes are used to copy and paste into answer block.  Be sure and click SUBMIT!!

Option 2 (computer): Attach a document--Type response in Doc, Word, Notes, etc. and save work as a .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, or .odt  Type AP ID and initials at the top of response.  Last 5 minutes attach response and click SUMBIT!!  If exam has 2 questions, students must attach/submit a document for each question ie: APBiologyQuestion1.doc and APBiologyQuestion2.doc

Option 3 (smartphone or tablet): Attach a photo of handwritten response.  Using lined or unlined paper, write AP ID, initials and page number at the top of EACH page.  Write responses using black or blue ink.  Snap a photo of response, one page per photo and in a vertical position.  More than one photo can be uploaded.  Save as .png, .jpg or .jpeg.  After images are uploaded, click SUBMIT!

5 steps to take before exam day:
1. Review contact info in AP student account.
2. Check technology that will be used.  Cannot use Internet Explorer.  Chrome is recommended but also Firefox, Safari or Edge will work.  Update device before hand and disable browser plug-ins or extensions (Grammarly).  Check the high school technology site for instructions on updating Chromebooks.
3. Practice submitting responses on the demo.
4. Gather what you need for each exam.  Consult www.cb.org/apexamdaydocs and print the AP checklist.
5. Receive your exam confirmation and e-ticket.

Exam day timing: One question exams--Log in 30 minutes before start, 45 minutes to read and respond, 5 minute upload/submission.  Two question exams--Log in 30 minutes before start, 25 minutes for Q1 read and respond, 5 minutes to submit, 15 minutes for Q2 and 5 minutes to upload/submission.  The first question will automatically appear when the exam starts, do not refresh browser or go back.  After Q1 is submitted, Q2 will load after the appropriate time has passed.  You cannot move on to Q2 until the time for Q1 has fully elapsed.  Once a question is submitted, students cannot go back. Once you submit for the final time, wait for an on-screen message confirming the exam is complete.  Do not close your browser, turn off or restart your computer.  If you never see "Your AP Exam is Complete" message, you should request a makeup exam and explain the situation. If bandwidth is limited, ask others in the household to limit their use of the internet during testing hours.  

Scores will be released starting July 15.  Students should indicate college/universities for score reports by June 20.  After June 20, there is a $15 dollar fee per report sent.  

Remember students cannot contact teachers during the exam!  

The most important thing for students to remember is to check their tech, practice submitting responses and complete the checklist.  All of this information can be accessed at the following AP College Board link: 

Questions can be directed to Jennifer Hunter at [email protected] or the students specific AP teacher.  

Jennifer Hunter

Counselor, House 3

McCracken County High School

Paducah, KY

Counselor ticket: www.bit.ly/mchsguidance