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Positive Behavior Program

Positive Behavior Program


Heath Middle School Reward Program - Good As Gold

What is the points system?

  • The point system is a behavior tracking system.

How do I lose points?

  • Points are taken when a write up is issued for misbehavior. 

  • Points are not taken unless the student knows about the point deduction and the behavior that caused the point deduction. 

  • A point deduction will result in parent contact of some kind. 

How do I get to attend reward days?

  • Each student starts each 9 weeks with 100 points. As point total falls, discipline increases. 

  • HMS has reward days every 9 weeks to celebrate good behavior, attendance, and good grades. 

  • Reward Days Range from inflatables on the football field, movies, or other fun events. There are 4 reward days each school year. 


Students must have 90 points at the end of 9 weeks in order to attend the reward day. 


A student cannot have any unexcused absences. 


A student cannot have any Ds or Fs at the end of the 9 weeks in order to attend the reward day. 

What happens if I do not get to attend the reward day?

  • Students who do not get to attend the reward day will be assigned a non reward room. 

  • Non reward rooms are for homework and other school related work to take place.