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MCHS Grade Check Procedures

McCracken County High School Grade Check Procedures

1.)  Weekly Grade Checks:  Grades will be checked each Friday.  Athletes must be passing 4 of 6 classes to remain eligible.  The period of ineligibility will be for the following week (Sunday - Sunday) until grades are checked the following Friday.  
2.)  2.0 GPA:  NEW Site-Base School Policy effective immediately.  At each 9 week grading period, students must have a 2.0 GPA or above to remain eligible.  If the requirement is not met, students will be ineligible for the next 9 weeks, when grades will be checked again.  

3.)  Grade Level Credits:  A student must earn the appropriate amount of credits each year to move to the next grade level.  If the credit requirements are not met, the athlete will be ineligible for the following year.  
        Sophomore: 6 Credits
        Junior: 13 Credits
        Senior: 20 Credits
        Graduation: 28 Credits