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225 John E. Robinson Ave, Paducah , KY 42001 Phone: 270-538-4130

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INFO IN A FLASH 2019-2020



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Weekly announcements/emails will be sent out through school messenger. Please keep your phone numbers and email addresses current in Infinite Campus.

Breakfast cost: Free

If you have questions about:

Transportation – contact Mr. Thompson - [email protected]

Change of transportation during the school day – contact Julie Perry in the front office 270-538-4130

         No transportation changes after 1:30


7:25-8:15                      1ST PERIOD

8:20-9:10                      2ND PERIOD

9:15-10:05                   3RD PERIOD

10:10-11:00                 4TH PERIOD

11:05-12:25                 5TH PERIOD AND LUNCHES

6TH GRADE LUNCH         10:55-11:20

7TH GRADE LUNCH         11:25-11:50

8TH GRADE LUNCH         11:55-12:20

(8th Grade dismisses and goes back to 5th period to get their belongings. Bell will ring at 12:25) 

12:30-1:20                  6TH PERIOD

1:25-2:15                 7TH PERIOD                                                                         

The preferred method of communication with teachers is email. However, teachers are available for phone calls after 2:30. All McCracken Staff emails are the staff members first [email protected]

A student is allowed 5 excused tardies per year. A parent must notify the school of the reason a student is missing instruction time in order for it to be excused. Any tardy after 5 is considered unexcused unless you have a doctor’s excuse within 24 hours of returning to school.

A student is allowed 5 excused absences per year. A parent must notify the school of the reason a student is absent by 10:00 a.m. on the date of the absence or send a note the day the student returns to school. Any absence after 5 requires a doctor’s excuse or it will be unexcused.

If a student is absent due to illness that has required a doctor’s visit. A parent must notify the school and send a doctor’s excuse. The doctor’s excuse must be turned in to the school within 24 hours of the student returning to school.

After a total of 6 unexcused events/tardies or a combination of the two, a parent can be summoned to Truancy Court or District Court.  

If your child is going to be absent, call Star Eckelkamp at (270) 538-4130, ext 6157. Request(s) for missed assignments will be available for pick up after 2:30 on the same day the request is made. Request(s) for missed assignments should be made directly to your child’s teacher through email by 10:00 a.m.


A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 65-69

F   0-64


Student drop-off/pick-up Procedures


Morning drop off in the back of the school is from 7:00-7:20. 

Students are dropped off in the back by entering from Delaware Street into our back parking lot forming 2 lines. Cars will exit on Oregon Street.

Students can also be dropped off in the front of the school by entering from John E. Robinson Avenue. This occurs at approximately 7:15 each morning after all buses have been unloaded.  

*Buses typically are late the first couple days of school. It is advised to arrive early and use the back parking lot. The front drop-off will likely be later than 7:15 until bus drivers learn their routes. 


Parents enter parking lot from Delaware Street and park. Students will walk to cars. Please do not block the exit line by waiting for your child in the line. Park and wait for them to come to you. After loading, cars will exit the parking lot on Oregon Street.


Infinite Campus Parent Portal
We are pleased to offer you access to Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  This is a web-based application, therefore Internet access is required to view your student(s) grades, schedule, and attendance through this program. To set up an account or to retrieve your username and password you will need to contact [email protected] and they will get back with you as soon as possible.