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260 Bleich Road, Paducah , KY 42003 Phone: 270-538-4130

Info in a Flash

Info in a Flash

Who is on the leadership team at LOMS?

Info in a Flash

Principal-Coye Elliott

Assistant Principal-Matt Thompson

Assistant Principal-Morgan Morris

School Counselor-Signe Clayton

School Counselor-Kara Connell

Instructional Assistant/Librarian-Deena Kendrick

Family Resource -Molly Horton

21st Century Coordinator-Jessie Madding

Behavior Coach-Stephanie Reese

School Nurse-Elizabeth Guess

Financial Secretary-Teri Wentworth

Attendance Clerk-Deanna Tilley

Receptionist-Julie Perry

School Resource Office-Officer Greg Martin


What is the bell schedule?

1st period                     7:20-8:05

2nd period                    8:10-8:55

3rd period                     9:00-9:45

4th period                     9:50-10:35

5th period/lunch           10:40-12:25

6th period                     12:30-1:15

7th period                     1:20-2:10


What is 21st Century?

21st Century is a before and after school program that provides students with homework help, snack and the opportunity to participate in many clubs and activities. Morning drop is from 6:30-6:45 and begins on August 5th. Afternoon programming is immediately after school until 4:50. It begins on August 23rd and ends April 28th, Monday-Thursday. Transportation home (in district) is provided. Sign up by click on the link:


What is the earliest I can drop off my child in the mornings? 

Students can be dropped off at the front of the building at 6:30. Student will need to be signed up through 21st Century in order to drop off at this time. Otherwise, students will be dropped off at 6:55 a.m. in the back of the school. Please click on the link to sign up for 21st cenutry


Morning drop off for car riders begins in the back parking lot of the school from 6:55 until 7:15.   Cars enter the back parking lot through the entrance from Delaware Street.  

You can also use the front of the school building to drop off your child after all buses have departed.   This usually begins around 7:10 but can be later when there is a late bus.   Cars are allowed to enter once the adult is not standing at the entrance.   Cars enter the front from John E. Robinson.  Students are expected to be in their classroom at 7:20.  


Where do I go to pick up my child? 

Afternoon car pick up takes place in the back parking lot.   Please park your car and wait for your child in a parking space.  Initially, all cars enter the parking lot from Delaware Street.  Once students begin loading, cars will be allowed to exit onto Delaware Street and Oregon Street depending on parking location.         


Can my child bring a water bottle?

Students will be allowed to have a clear sealable water bottle. WATER ONLY! No flavor packets, sodas, etc. Refillable water stations are available throughout the school.


How do I pay the tech fee online?

Parent/Guardian can pay tech fee via parent portal. Log on and go click on “fees”.


When will we know my child’s schedule and locker number?

Students will receive their schedules at back-to-school night. Lockers will not be assigned this year because there are no lockers at the new school. 


7th and 8th Grade- Monday, August 2nd(1:30-6:00)


1:30-2:00 A-B

2:00-2:30 C-E

2:30-3:00 F-H

3:00-3:30 I-K

3:30-4:00 L-N

4:00-4:30 O-Q

4:30-5:00 R-S

5:00-5:30 T-V

5:30-6:00 W-Z

6:00-7:00 By appointment only


6th Grade -Tuesday, August 3 (3:00-6:00) 


3:00-3:30 A-C

3:30-4:00 D-G

4:00-4:30 H-K

4:30-5:00 L-N

5:00-5:30 O-S

5:30-6:00 T-Z


**If parents have more than one child attending LOMS they may choose the time that works best and register all students at one time.


** If you cannot attend your schedule time slot, please contact Signe Clayton ([email protected]) or Kara Connell ([email protected]) to schedule an appointment  on August 2nd between 6:00-7:00pm.


When will yearbook pictures be taken?

Sept 16th, with a make-up day to be determined after proofs come back.  Pictures orders and payment will all be done online, as it was last year. 


When can we purchase a yearbook for this school year?

We will do preorders online towards the end of October.  Be watching for announcements


Are there any yearbooks left from last year?

No.  All of last year’s (20-21) yearbooks have been distributed and /or sold. 


Can my child use their personal computer instead of the Chromebook?

No, students may not bring their own personally owned device to school. All students will be issued a Chromebook whether they participate in the $30 Chromebook User Fee or not. They need to use their school issued device. 


When will the school be transferring over to the new school?

At this time, the completion date is September 24th. We currently do not have a set date for moving in. 


Does my child need an updated school physical every year?

702 KAR 1:160 requires each child first entering a Kentucky public school or entering Grade 6 to present a Kentucky Preventative Health Care Examination Form.  This exam may be completed up to one year prior to initial entry. A copy fo this form may be found here:


What vaccines are required for entry into middle school?

For sixth grade entry, age 11 or 12 years or older, a child shall have received:

  • One dose of Tdap (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) if it has been at least 2 years since the administration of the last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine.


  • One dose of MCV or MPSV (meningococcal vaccine)


What forms are needed if my child requires a daily medication at school? (*Please note that meds must be brought to the school and given to office staff, students are not allowed to carry them into the school.)

A parent permission must filled out and turned in to the school nurse. These forms will be available at registration or may be found here:

Who do I contact for the following sports?

Consolidated Middle School Sports:

Middle School Football 7th and 8th graders only- Fall Season - Caleb Bogaczyk at RMS, Sean Murphy at LOMS, Brian Schooley at HMS

Middle School Baseball 7th and 8th graders only- Fall Season - Zach Hobbs MCHS

Middle School Softball 6th, 7th and 8th graders- Fall Season - Tony Hayden RMS

Middle School Volleyball 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Fall Season - Tim Whitis MCHS

Middle School Wrestling 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Winter Season - Steven Spadafino RES


Sports offered individually at each Middle School:

Lone Oak Middle School Basketball-

            Boys: 6th/8th Grade      Greg Webb                 [email protected]

            Boys: 7th Grade           Sean Murphy              [email protected]

            Girls: 8th Grade           Mike Murphy              [email protected]

            Girls: 7th Grade           Jared Adams               [email protected]

Lone Oak Middle School Soccer-

            Boys: Derek Rothrock                                                [email protected]

            Girls: Amy Scott                                             [email protected]

Lone Oak Middle School Cheerleading

                                                Lyndsey Howard        [email protected]


High School sports that allow middle schoolers to participate:

Archery 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Winter Season - Jacob Simmons MCHS

Bass Fishing 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Year Round - Payton Harris - [email protected]

Bowling 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Winter Season - David Rogers - [email protected]

Boys Cross Country 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Fall Season - Barry Knight - [email protected]

Girls Cross Country 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Fall Season - Maria Grogan - [email protected]

Boys Golf 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Fall Season - Chris Gregory MCHS

Girls Golf 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Fall Season - Emma Straub - [email protected]

Swimming 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls and boys - Spring Season - Lance Bowman - [email protected]

Tennis 6th, 7th, and 8th grader boys and girls - Spring Season - Andy Poore MCHS

Boys Track 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Spring Season - Steven Spadafino RES

Girls Track 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - Spring Season - Jesse Byrd MCHS

Trap Shooting 6th, 7th, and 8th boys and girls - Spring Season - Danny Everett - [email protected]


What is the dress code?

                        McCracken County                   Lone Oak Middle School


Policy Area:                                       Policy number 07.10

Discipline and Classroom Management                                    Dress Code

According to the McCracken County Student Code of Conduct:


1.          See through mesh clothing, tank tops, and tube tops are not permitted and proper underclothing must be worn but not visible.

2.         Under normal circumstances, no hats, caps, or other head coverings are to be worn in school.

3.         Students are to wear footwear at all times, and footwear will be appropriate for the activity. No house shoes or slippers.

4.         Blouses and shirts must meet skirts, slacks or pants.  The midriff must not show.

5.         Clothing and accessories (jewelry, belt buckles, necklaces, etc.) with obscene, crude or rude pictures, or sayings pertaining to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, extreme violence, sex or gangs are not permitted.

6.         Attire or piercings deemed inappropriate by the principal or his/her designee is not permitted.

7.         Court assigned electronic monitoring devices are to be covered by long pants at all times.

8.         Additional dress code requirements may be determined by your school’s council.

Additional dress code requirements:

•           Pants/Jeans/Shorts must be worn at natural waist.

•           Dresses/Shorts/Skorts/Skirts must be fingertip length.

•           Leggings/Yoga pants/tight sweat pants/biker shorts are acceptable as long as the upper garment (top, sweater, jacket, etc.) fully covers the individual’s front and backside.

•           No holes in the pants above fingertip length.

•           No sleeveless tops

•           No pajamas

The principal and/or the assistant will make final decisions concerning student compliance to the dress code.


Will there be a shuttle that will take students to the high school for sports?

Yes, there will be a shuttle bus.


How much does lunch cost?

The McCracken County School District is a CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) school district.  This means EVERY child receives FREE breakfast and lunch; however, your child may qualify to receive additional benefits such as fee waivers for textbooks, the ACT, and athletics.

As a CEP district, we are required to have an application for every household.  

The application cannot be completed in the web browser Edge, on a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad, or Chromebook. 


  1.  Log on to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.
  2. On the left index, go to More and Select Meal Benefits Application
  3. Create your E-Signature PIN

In order to submit a legally-binding application to the district, an E-Signature PIN must be established.  The E-Signature PIN allows users to submit an electronic signature along with the application which is treated the same legally as a signature made on the paper application.  Keep your PIN in a secure location.  If you

have already created a PIN and do not remember it, you may select “Forgot Your PIN” at the end of the application process to make a new one.

  1. Once you’ve created your PIN and select “Submit”, review your Letter to Household.  If you already have a PIN, your Letter to Household will be the first screen.   Continue to follow the prompts by selecting “Next” and answer the questions until your application is complete.   Enter your PIN for the electronic signature and select “Submit”.  You will have the opportunity to review your application. 


Can I bring my child lunch?

Students will not be allowed to bring commercially prepared foods (i.e.: McDonald’s, Burger King, carbonated beverages) into the cafeteria.  This is in accordance with federal guidelines.


Can I come and eat lunch with my child?

MCPS will continue to limit visitors to schools. Buildings will be open to essential personnel and essential direct access providers/vendors only. 


Who do we contact for technology help?

Alan Sullivan- [email protected]