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Gifted & Talented

Visual & Performing Arts
Auditions by Appointment
Scheduling:  March - May
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Students in the News

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(Gifted Student Service Plan)
Gifted Student Service Plans are available through Parent Portal.  If you are unable to access your
GSSP via Parent Portal, please notify your school's GT contact. 
Identification Timeline
For more information regarding Gifted & Talented timelines please check with your school's  GT contact 
PLEASE NOTE:  Due to KDE changes in state testing, KPREP no longer use a Norm-Reference portion to assess student progress.  McCracken County Schools will post an interim amendment to the Gifted & Talented Program Manual.  The Gifted Placement Committee will make every effort to expedite the identification process however these changes may delay fall identification. 
 Concord Elementary Gena Karnes
 Heath Elementary Maxi Kolb
 Lone Oak Intermediate Judy Bradley
 Reidland Intermediate Jodi Belt
 Heath Middle Michele Schooley
 Lone Oak Middle Ginger Colson
 Reidland Middle Jodi Belt
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Progress Reports


In compliance with 704 KAR 3:285, Gifted Student Progress will be reported once each semester.  
Reporting Dates
 1st  Semester - January
 2nd Semester - May
(Weather related school closures may impact actual dates
 PLEASE NOTE:  Your child's school is always available for questions, concerns or praise!

Gifted & Talented

Gifted & Talented Education - Frequently Asked                          Questions for Parents

(This document is intended to provide guidelines for interpreting 704 Kentucky

Administrative Regulation (KAR) 3:285. Programs for the gifted and talented. 
Kentucky Department of Education is here to assist in the implementation of this
interpretation and/or the regulation.)

Q:  Are parents/guardians to be notified that their child is in

the PTP?

A:  There is no reference in the GT regulation that parents/

guardians are to be notified of student selection for the PTP.
Individual districts may decide whether to notify or not.

Q:  How are services delivered to PTP?

A:  For a student in the primary grades, services shall allow 

for continuous progress through a differentiated curriculum
and flexible grouping and regrouping based on the individual 
needs, interests, and abilities of the student.  Emphasis on 
educating gifted students in the general primary classroom, 
shall not exclude the continued, appropriate use of resource 
services, acceleration options, or other specific service options.
A recommendation for a service shall be made on an individual basis. 

Who Are Gifted Children?

Who Are Gifted Children? 
Former U. S. Commissioner of Education Sidney P. Marland, Jr., in his August 1971 report to Congress, stated, "Gifted and talented children are those identified by professionally qualified persons who by virtue of outstanding abilities are capable of high performance. These are children who require differentiated educational programs and/or services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to realize their contribution to self and society" (Marland, 1972).
 A school system could expect to identify 10-15of its student population as gifted and talented. Less than 5% of these students are classified as General Intelligence.