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Frequently Asked Questions

Face Coverings

Are face coverings required when entering school buildings- students, staff, visitors?
      Yes, face coverings will be required when schools reopen and while on all McCracken County Schools property.

Will students and staff have to wear face coverings all day?
      Yes, unless an approved exemption applies.

Will there be exemptions to wearing a face covering all day?
      Yes. The following approved exemptions apply:
            persons eating or drinking;
            persons for whom a face covering would cause an impairment due to an existing health condition
            persons who need to communicate with someone who is hearing impaired and needs to see the person’s mouth to communicate.

Will my child be required to wear a face covering when participating in athletics?
      Students will be required to follow guidance issued by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. This guidance document can be found here-

What happens if a child loses or damages their face covering?
      If a student loses or damages their face covering, the school district will provide a disposable face covering for that day while the requirement is in place.

How will face covering requirements apply to students with special needs?
      Appropriate accommodations will be made based on the individualized needs of the student.

Are face coverings required on the school bus?
      Yes.  It will be the student’s responsibility to wear a face covering while on district transportation; disposable face coverings will be available for students who forget their face covering.

Can my child bring his or her own face covering to school?
      Yes. Face coverings must comply with the dress code found in the Student Handbook so that they do not disrupt school activities, are not obscene or otherwise inflammatory, and do not endanger the health or safety of themselves or others.

As school reopens in the fall, will visitors still be allowed in school buildings?
      Visitor access will be by appointment only. Temperature checks will be conducted upon entry to the front office and there will be a controlled access point in each school to minimize gathering.

Will students have recess?
      Schools will develop schedules to provide wellness time for students to be active. Every effort will be made for this to be held outdoors (weather permitting).

Will students have to eat in their classrooms?
      It is possible students will eat in their classrooms based on building layouts and social distancing guidelines.


Do all students and staff members need to be screened for illness each day?
      Temperature checks and healthy at school guidelines will be followed.

 Social Distancing

What measures will you take to socially distance students while at school?
      Signage will be placed throughout the schools.

What precautions are you taking on the school buses?
      Loading procedures- back to front/left to right
      Unloading procedures- front to back/left to right
      Varied drop off times
      Assigned seats to assist with contact tracing
      Disinfect high touch areas between routes
      Disinfect entire bus daily with proper Personal Protective Equipment
      Equip each bus with a hand sanitizer
      Require mask when social distancing can not be maintained

How often will my school be cleaned and what methods will be used?
      EPA approved Four Point Chemical System with Dilution Station (glass cleaner, neutral cleaner, disinfectant, and damp mop)
      Professional training for all custodial staff on how to properly use the new chemical system
      Proper Personal Protection Equipment
      Adhere to chemical dwell times
      Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfecting more frequently during the school day
      Cafeteria tables will be disinfected between use
      Student desks will be sanitized between use
      Frequently disinfect high touch areas throughout the school day
      Water bottle filling stations will be made available for students
Virtual Learning

If we start the year doing virtual learning, will it look like it did in the spring?
      Every effort will be made to create a virtual learning environment that reflects the in-person learning experience.  Students will be engaged with research-based, effective learning platforms that were not available in the spring.  

Can we switch back and forth between in-person instruction and virtual learning?
      If at any point circumstances arise that require a change in your instructional delivery method, you must formally request a change in the delivery method via your child’s school for consideration.

What if some or all of my child’s instruction will be online and we don’t have a computer?
      All students 6-12 grades will receive Google Chromebooks to create a one-to-one learning environment.  Each student will have the opportunity to have their own Chromebook to use throughout the school day and to take home in order to participate in a variety of digital, online learning activities. Elementary schools have a supply of Chromebooks that may be available for student usage in a virtual learning environment.

Mental Health

What is the district doing to ensure children and staff are mentally healthy?
      Please click on the link for more information-

What mental health supports are available in my community?
      Four Rivers Behavioral- 425 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42001- 270-442-7121