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Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students at LOMS are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities that include various clubs, sports teams, and academic competitions.  


         Through our Magnificent Mondays program clubs and GT enrichment activities are offered to all students of our building.  Students chose at the beginning of the school year the clubs in which they would like to participate, and they rotate through those clubs every 4 weeks. 


        Team sports are provided for all students.  Soccer, football, and basketball are sports sponsored by LOMS.  However,  volleyball, softball, baseball, swimming and tennis are sports in which students can choose to participate.


       In addition, to sports and clubs, we also offer an excellent band and choir in which students can participate.  We currently have approximately 90 students in band and approximately 50 students in choir.


      Science Fair, Science Bowl, Academic Team, Future Problem Solving, History Day, Math Counts, and STLP are among the academic competitions our students our students compete in.