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5347 Benton Road, Paducah, KY 42003 Phone: 270-538-4000

Affordable Care Act and Classified Retirement

Denise Perrin
Phone:  270.538.4000, Ext. 5006
Fax:  270.538.4201 (private) or 270.538.4024 (shared)
Kentucky Retirement System (Classified CERS) 1-800-928-4646
Kentucky Teachers Retirement System (Certified KTRS) 1-800-618-1687
If you are a classified employee considering retirement:
1) Please contact Denise Perrin as soon as possible to inquire about retirement dates and options; preferably 6 months prior to your retirement date.
2) You will need the following:  Your Birth Certificate, a Birth Certificate for your beneficiary/beneficiaries, Driver's License for you and your benefeciary/beneficiaries, Marriage License (if applicable.)
3) To receive a retirement check in July, you must contact Denise Perrin before April 1.
Note:  Certified retirees should contact Payroll before April 1 to receive a July retirement check.