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6530 New Highway 60 W, Paducah, KY 42001 Phone: 270-538-4300



 McCracken County High School's curriculum delivers on the visionary promise made to the students, teachers and residents of McCracken County.

The school is designed for and organized in small communities of learning. All 9th -12th grade students attending McCracken County High School are assigned to one of five houses of approximately 380-390 students.

The small community of each house provides a "home base" for students. A house principal, guidance counselor and a team of teachers support students in each house. 

Most of the core academic classes (math, science, social studies and English) are within the physical area of each house. Elective courses are spread out across the school building. Students leave their house to take elective courses with students from other houses within the school. 

Students of McCracken County High School can design their high school experience based on individual goals, explore interests, graduate with more than 30 hours of college credit, or complete a vocational certification.  
In cooperation with families, teachers and counselors, students are encouraged to explore a variety of college and career pathways throughout their time at McCracken County High School.

CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan)
To view the 2022-2023 CSIP click here.