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Board Meeting Highlights- July 2019

McCracken Co. High School students recognized for extracurricular achievements

MCHS Mustangs Bass Fishing Team — Sarah Morehead and Hunter Valerius placed 6th in the National Championship out of 40,000 students, with teammates Harper Burkeen and Austin Braboy qualifying for and fishing in the championship. This was the team’s second year with a Top 10 finish. Morehead and Valerius also finished 9th in the High School Bass Fishing World Finals. 


MCHS Mustangs Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) — The only Kentucky chapter to be named an Outstanding HOSA Chapter at the International HOSA competition in Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort; Awarded a Certificate of Merit for raising more than $1,700 for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.


MCHS Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) — As a chapter won the National Program Award for Career Connection, and won 3rd place in the Safe Rides Save Lives PSA Contest. Competing against 4,700 other students at this year’s National FCCLA Conference in Anaheim, CA, McCracken students also brought home several individual wins:

• Abigail Birman and Abby Heffner finished 1st with a gold medal in Chapter Service Project Display Junior.
• Jasmine Perry finished 6th in the nation in Early Childhood Education Occupational with a silver medal.
• Niki McClure finished 7th in the nation in Chapter Service Project Portfolio Junior with a gold medal.
• Anna Adreon finished 8th in the nation in Nutrition and Wellness Senior with a gold medal.
• Sarah Childers finished 25th in the nation in Chapter Service Project Portfolio Senior with a silver medal.


Board approves professional negotiation contract and salary agreement with corresponding policy revisions
Thursday night board members approved contract, benefits and salary updates to the district’s Professional Negotiations Contract and Salary Agreement following productive negotiations this summer with the McCracken County Education Association. Highlights include: 

• An update to the amount for meals reimbursement for district-approved travel from $30/day to $40/day with gratuities up to 15 percent of the cost of a meal. 

• New policy language regarding additional duties for personnel: The Board and Participants acknowledge that a teacher’s primary responsibility is to teach and that his/her energies, should, to the extent possible, be utilized to this end. Extra work duties of teachers assigned by the administration in excess of four activities per school year shall be compensated to teachers at a rate of $20 per diem. An activity shall be defined as an athletic or school event that takes place outside the normal school day, in which participation by the teacher is required, but does not include staff meetings or parent/teacher conferences.

• While the board cannot legally allow “sick day buyback,” negotiations reflected the district leadership’s willingness to join MCEA and its participants in meeting with legislators to advocate for a change in the law that would allow this type of buyback in the future, and explain the benefits to employees as well as the state retirement system.

Special education department awarded $13,000 WHAS Crusade for Children grant
The WHAS Crusade for Children has named McCracken County Public Schools among its 2019 grant winners, awarding the special education department $13,000 for sensory equipment and communications technology for students with special needs. Board members officially accepted the grant Thursday night.

The Crusade’s support will help replicate Hendron Lone Oak’s successful sensory program at two additional schools to better serve McCracken’s growing population of high-need students. Funds will also help launch an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Library that can be used district-wide to test which AAC technology best supports each student’s needs.