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McCracken County Middle Schools, High School Utilizing College Readiness Program
Schools in McCracken County are utilizing an online program called The College Equipped Readiness Tool (CERT) to help students prepare for the ACT.

CERT offers students ACT-like assessments designed to maximize career and college opportunities. All CERT tests are aligned with Career and College Readiness Standards and match the format of the ACT exam.

Upon completion of practice tests and quizzes in the four ACT tested subject areas of English, reading, math and science, students and teachers receive detailed assessment reports about individual student performance.

In addition to practice assessment, CERT provides remedial instruction to students through instructional video lessons. Online Exam Room and Study Hall features individual student performance feedback and video answer explanations for every test question.

Parents of students in McCracken County middle schools and McCracken County High School are encouraged to ask their students about the CERT program. More information can be found at