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LOMS Wins the 2017 Kentucky Colonels 6th Grade Showcase
Top row (from left to right) Lucy Knerr, Evie Coursey, Cole Cannon, Carter McReynolds, Manav Shah, Owen Cody
bottom row (from left to right) Meg Kitchen, Reed Bowling, Evie Maddox, Nolan Short
Not picture: Caroline Hurley
LOMS 6th graders won the Sixth Grade Showcase last Saturday (for the 4th straight year) and scored an astounding 100 points from quick recall, written assessments, and written composition.

LOMS is the only 6th grade team in the state that has scored 100 or more points for Sixth Grade Showcase this year.

In addition, Owen Cody is on the Top 10 List in the state for his score of 30 on both the Social Studies and Arts and Humanities tests.

1st place - Cole Cannon
2nd place - Reid Bowling and Carter McReynolds (tie)

1st place - Nolan Short
5th place - Cole Cannon

Social Studies
1st place - Owen Cody *top 10 in the state
2nd place - Manav Shah

Language Arts:
1st place - Evie Maddox
3rd place - Caroline Hurley
5th place - Nolan Short

Arts and Humanities:
1st place - Owen Cody *top score in the state
2nd place - Meg Kitchen

1st place - Evie Coursey
2nd place - Lucy Knerr
3rd place - Meg Kitchen

Quick Recall
1st place  (undefeated season