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MCHS Senior's Film Selected to Show in Times Square
October 6, 2018 
McCracken County High School senior Luke Resser (center) stands with Sam Vasseur (left) and Seth Hawkins. The three McCracken seniors produced and starred in a film selected to screen at the 2018 All American High School Film Festival at the AMC Theater in New York City's Times Square. 
McCracken County High School senior Luke Resser has been pursuing an interest in film since the sixth grade.

With passion and talent, Resser has produced several small films in his spare time over the years.

His latest project, a film titled "Plant Boy," will reach far beyond western Kentucky. It has been selected to screen at the 2018 All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF) at the AMC Theater in New York City's Times Square.

AAHSFF is the world's largest high school and middle school film festival, offering a wide range of entertainment and giving young filmmakers a grand stage to showcase their talent and connect with the resources they crave.

With over 10 categories of film genre to submit their work under --including comedy, drama, broadcast journalism and documentary -- students are given the opportunity to expose their original work to a brand new audience.

After seeing the opportunity to submit his film for the festival online, Resser took the plunge, making the decision to categorize his film as a drama.

But he was at one point torn between two categories, originally intending for his film to come across as a comedy.

"It's about a boy and his friend who are gardeners," Resser said. "They sell the stuff they garden. One day, they decide the gardening business is going really well, so they take their profits and treat themselves to something nice."

But one boy, Resser said, gets hustled into buying a seed from a mysterious man.

"He buys the seed, but then he feels stupid, so he throws it out the window," Resser said. "The next day, a boy has sprouted from the seed."

While many people who view his film consider it a drama, Resser said it was originally meant as a parody in response to some dramatic films he has seen.

"I took a dramatic idea, amped it up and made it comedic," Resser said.

While the film took a few months to write, Resser said the time it took to actually shoot it was short. The cast included himself and two other McCracken seniors, Sam Vasseur and Seth Hawkins. Resser's uncle, Todd Jackson, also is in the film.

Resser said it was a good feeling when his film was chosen among so many others.

"It's pretty cool," Resser said. "The film also won an award called STLP, Student Technology Leadership Program. It won first place for Feature Video Production and was screened at Rupp Arena."

Many of the film projects Resser pursues are outside of school on his own time.

"We actually have our own production business called Palindrome Pictures," he said. "We shoot weddings as well."

Resser plans to continue pursuing his passion for film by studying it at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta after graduating in May.

But for now, he is just excited about what his film will mean to the crowd at Times Square this weekend, even though he can't make the showing himself.

"I think a lot of movies can have different interpretations," Resser said. "Even though this is pretty small scale film, I think people will be able to watch it in their own way."
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