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From The Superintendent- Mr. Steve Carter

While my official start as McCracken County’s Superintendent is still a few weeks away, I’d like to share my entry plan for the district. I hope this plan will help others understand the process I will be utilizing during my first 100 days.

Pre-Entry – Connections & Logistics
Prior to my official start date with McCracken County, I will meet in person with the Interim Superintendent and District Leadership team members, both collectively and individually, to understand current issues or concerns that will need to be monitored and/or addressed after July 1, 2019.  These meetings will also include a briefing on key position openings in the district that are coming available and I will provide some suggestions on the filling of those positions.  The main purpose of these meetings is to ensure a seamless entry in terms of making sure key issues and decisions about key personnel hires are appropriately handled during the transition.

I will make weekly contact, either in person or by phone, with the Interim Superintendent and other leadership staff updated on developments and issues that arise in the weeks leading up to my official start date.

I plan on utilizing a few non-contract days in my current district in order to be present in McCracken County for a few key days, to get oriented to the district, have a limited number of face-to-face meetings, and to ensure that I will be able to hit the ground running on my first day in the district.

Finally, I will meet with and the Superintendent’s Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant staff to discuss how we will work together on issues such as scheduling, calendar management, and responding in a timely manner to messages and requests.

Weeks 1-6 – Relationship Building
The initial few weeks are critical in establishing relationships throughout the community, working on developing positive public relations, and establishing a tone of honesty and availability.

During the initial weeks, I will focus on listening and hearing what stakeholders of McCracken County feel we should keep doing, stop doing, and start doing. I will also meet with recent graduates, and recent drop-outs, to hear first-hand student perspectives on the school system.

Also in this first phase, I will meet with current students, civic organizations, parent groups, community political leaders, major employers, small business owners, county and municipal governments, faith-based organization leaders, community philanthropists, supporting community non-profit organizations, and district employees and employee organizations to hear their perspectives on McCracken County and the future.

I will personally interview each member of the Board of Education and the district’s leadership team, as well as building level administrators to better understand their perception of McCracken County Schools.

During this time, I will be establishing decision-making and communications processes. While efforts will be taken to avoid any major changes during this initial phase, there are always decisions for which it is only appropriate for the Superintendent to make. I will rely on the counsel and advice of existing staff and the Board to make sound initial decisions in the best interests of McCracken County students.

Weeks 7-12  Culture Evaluation
Phase 2 will explore the current context, organizational structures, and culture of McCracken County Schools.

I will work with department heads and analyze all aspects of the organization, including academics, finance, human resources, special and gifted education, facilities, transportation, food services, professional-learning models, student extra-curricular options, and the district’s technology systems.

Time will be spent reviewing student performance data from a variety of sources including state required assessments, district formative measures, graduation and early college data, and available social/emotional measures.  Attention will be focused on achievement gaps and current efforts underway to address them.

This will be coupled with a holistic analysis of the state of children in McCracken County. I will look at student poverty, health care and mental health systems, food security, and housing issues in the community.

I will be reviewing both the school district’s strategic plan in conjunction with the economic foundation’s plan to determine opportunities for growth and partnerships.  Then determine how to best communicate and align the district’s strategic plan, including the overall vision behind it as well specific actions being taken to move it forward, budget and staffing assignments, process-based performance metrics.

I will visit with employees in all departments and attempt to do various jobs throughout the district. Finally, I will visit all the schools on a regular basis and welcome both students and staff to school.   I will deliver the start of year message of the moral importance of our work and a deep appreciation for the efforts of staff in service to children and the community.  I will also visit with several schools, welcoming back students and staff.

Throughout the first few months (phases 1 and 2), I will work closely with the district’s public relations team and utilize both traditional and social media to share my message of engagement with the community. I will honestly and respectfully engage critics, personally thank supporters, and strive to model dignity and respect for all.

Weeks 13-16 Course Direction
Having developed relationships and a deep factual understanding of McCracken County Schools and the community, I will continue to promote brutal honest conversations focused on the advancement of our community and most importantly, the students of McCracken County. Efforts will be made to build collaboration with and amongst the Board for advancement of our educational programs.

The plan will be more than just implementing programs. It will involve student level focus on learning and life opportunities. It must clearly identify the actionable steps taken to genuinely change the learning experience and the relationship between the teacher, learner, and community.
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Nondiscrimination Statement
Students, their families, employees, and potential employees of McCracken County Schools are hereby notified that the McCracken County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex or disability in employment, vocational programs, or activities set forth in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations. Any persons having inquiries concerning McCracken County Schools™ compliance with Title II, Title VI, Title IX and/or Section 504 may contact: Director of Special Education and/or Director of Personnel and/or Director of Pupil Personnel, 5347 Benton Road, Paducah, KY 42003, (270) 538-4000. The McCracken County School System offers the following career and technical programs for all students regardless of race, color, national origin, including those with limited English proficiency, sex or disability in grades 9-12: Agriculture, Business and Office Technology, Technology and Pre-Engineering. Persons seeking further information concerning the career and technical education offerings and specific pre-requisite criteria should contact: Mr. Michael Ceglinski, Principal of McCracken County High School, 6530 New Highway 60 West, Paducah, KY 42001, 270-538-4300, To obtain this information in a language other than English, call 270-538-4000.
504/ADA | Director of Special Education and/or Director of Personnel
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