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Positive Behavior Program
The following FLASH rules are guidelines for success for all students in all areas of our school building as well as on school buses and during field trips.  If students will follow these simple guidelines at all times, they will be successful across all settings.
F- Follow directions
L- Line up quickly and quietly
A- Always be responsible and prepared
S- Show respect to others and be accountable for your actions
H- Hands, feet, and objects to yourself
The staff of Hendron Lone Oak Elementary feels so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of your children, and we are so excited to share with you our new discipline strategy that we believe will continue to promote positive behavior in our school.  As with any change, it will take time for staff and students to adjust to this new system.  We will continue with our GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESS (Flash Rules), but students will no longer “move a flash” when they make the choice to not follow these expectations.  Teachers will be utilizing a clip chart in which students will move their clip down when they do not follow the flash rules but will have the opportunity to move up the chart as they consistently demonstrate appropriate behavior.   The chart is broken down into seven sections and all students will start in the middle on READY TO LEARN.  This chart will be in each of our classrooms.
TEACHER’S CHOICE  (loss of 1/2 recess, time out partner, etc.)
PARENT CONTACT (minor discipline referral, loss of recess)
The following ebook also gives you a visual of this system.
HLOE will continue to search for innovative ways to “MAKE IT MATTER” for our families and community.  Please do not hesitate to ask any staff if you have questions about this new system as we grow and learn together.  
Smiley Faces
Entire classes will be working to earn smiley faces this year.  Smiley faces are given out by school staff (teachers, administrators, etc.) to classes they see following the FLASH rules.  It's important for every student to be following the FLASH rules in order for your class to earn a smiley face.  Smiley face tallies are kept in the third grade hallway, showing how many smiley faces each class has earned.  When classes reach a certain smiley face count they have the opportunity to earn rewards like extra recess.
MVP Awards
MVP Awards are given by homeroom teachers to students who show exceptional behavior.  These students must follow all the FLASH rules and show their teacher outstanding behavior inside and outside of the classroom.  Each semester MVPs are taken on a reward trip to celebrate their great behavior!
Ready to Learn and Above
Each month students who have not had to clip down will have their names sent in.  Each classrooms' friends that stayed on ready to learn or clipped up are photographed and these photos can be seen in the front hallway.  At the end of the year the students who have never clipped down will have a special treat!
Third grade students have a great opportunity at HLOE.  Each fall students apply for different CHAMPs jobs in our building.  These jobs range from helping in different classrooms, assisting Mr. Bobby after lunch, helping set out chairs for assemblies, and so many more important jobs around our school.  Students are then assigned to different jobs from their applications.  Students will work at these jobs all year and will be "paid" in the spring.  Supervisors fill out job report cards evaluating how hard their student worker worked.  Students are then "paid" in bonus bucks to use at the bonus buck auction held at the end of school.  At the auction students get to spend their bonus bucks on prizes that range from a mountain bike to a whoopie cushion.  This is a great way for students to learn hard work and dedication and see it pay off in the end!
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