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Q:Will I earn a high school diploma?


A: Yes, you will earn your diploma from your home high school. Plus, you will earn up to 36 hours of credit at West Kentucky Community & Technical College, tuition-free. Students also may take eight additional courses at their cost to complete an associate’s degree (or 60 hours of college credit.)


Q:Can I participate in extracurricular activities or sports at my home school?


A: Yes, you certainly may participate in sports, band, or any club at your high school. We have several students who march in their high school bands or play sports, such as volleyball, basketball, cheerleading or soccer.


Q:What if I want to participate in college activities?


A: West Kentucky Community & Technical College offers writers’ groups, clubs, religious organizations, and other student organizations. Middle College students may elect to participate in campus activities.


Q:What is the daily schedule for a Commonwealth Middle College student?


A: Juniors: Juniors arrive at the campus between 7:30 and 7;45. Students will have a class at 8:00 am or 9:30 am. When they do not have a class, they will have a 40 minute study group with Mrs. Mullen or Mr. Lancaster. After the classes, they will leave the college around 10:45 to go back to their home high school and have 2 additional classes there.

Seniors: Seniors do not have to be here until 15 minutes before their first class starts unless they have a study group. Most seniors do not go back to their home high school for additional classes, though the option to do so is available. Seniors can take up 4 classes a semester that is paid for through the scholarship. Additional classes cost 1/3 of the normal price of the class. If the seniors only have class in the morning, they are able to leave no earlier than 12:00 pm. After 12:00 pm, they are able to leave after their final class and they have the rest of the day to themselves. Most work or they are in sports, clubs, etc at their home high school. 


Q:Where do students eat lunch?


A: Students have several options for lunch. Some bring their lunch from home. Juniors have the option to eat at their home high school. Seniors must provide their own lunch or they can eat after classes. They can also purchase food at the extension of the Cyber Cafe in the student center which is located right across from the Nemer Building.


Q:What are the criteria for admission?


A: Students are selected each spring for the following year. Students may apply for admission, and a committee will invite selected students for an interview. Their parents also will be interviewed. Each class has just 50 spots.

Students must:

  • have a good school attendance record
  • have a 2.5 or higher grade point average
  • have strong study/work habits
  • be enrolled at McCracken County High School or Marshall County High School.


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Students, their families, employees, and potential employees of McCracken County Schools are hereby notified that the McCracken County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex or disability in employment, vocational programs, or activities set forth in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations. Any persons having inquiries concerning McCracken County Schools™ compliance with Title II, Title VI, Title IX and/or Section 504 may contact: Director of Special Education and/or Director of Personnel and/or Director of Pupil Personnel, 5347 Benton Road, Paducah, KY 42003, (270) 538-4000. The McCracken County School System offers the following career and technical programs for all students regardless of race, color, national origin, including those with limited English proficiency, sex or disability in grades 9-12: Agriculture, Business and Office Technology, Technology and Pre-Engineering. Persons seeking further information concerning the career and technical education offerings and specific pre-requisite criteria should contact: Mr. Michael Ceglinski, Principal of McCracken County High School, 6530 New Highway 60 West, Paducah, KY 42001, 270-538-4300, To obtain this information in a language other than English, call 270-538-4000.
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